Impressive response time, cost-effectiveness and pride in every last detail. These factors ensure that the commercial and industrial maintenance services of Hewcon Maintenance (a division of the Hewcon Group) continue to be sought after by discerning clients.

Hewcon Maintenance leverages the Hewcon Group’s extensive experience, including the expertise of its management team and trades, to provide property owners and portfolio managers with a comprehensive range of non-structural repair, maintenance and refurbishment services.

Hewcon Maintenance is well-equipped to respond promptly to a range of challenges, with the overriding goal of providing quality workmanship, personal service, cost and time-effectiveness.

Our services can be organised to suit specific requirements, whether that means one-off premises upgrades, individually customised maintenance ‘on demand’, or both.

Hewcon Maintenance aims to provide site inspections and quotes within seven days of initial requests. We also provide preventative maintenance consultation and feedback when required.